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Fab pro gives you the power to perfectly match and maintain you hair colour at home and inbetween your visit to your colourist.


All you need to do is place your online order and someone will be in contact with you shortly after to consult on your hair needs. The bottle will then be mixed and fully customised for YOUR hair and sent right to your doorstep! Its that easy. 


The fabuloso colour enhancing treatment has taken it’s conditioning service one massive step further, now enabling your stylist to create a concoction specific for YOUR colour. You can now have a conditioner made to match your exact colour to keep your hair glossy and healthy, and your colour fresher for longer. Our talented stylists will use their extensive colour knowledge to add a dot of this and a dab of that to tweak this take home product to perfectly support your unique look.


Evo Fabuloso Customised Toning Conditioner

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