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About our Artist 

Our Cosmetic Tattoo artist Laura Jayne, also known as the #browmumma, has been in the Beauty industry for over 35 years, practicing as a qualified Beauty Therapist, Para Medical Aesthetician & Make up artist.


Laura holds applicable Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattoo Certification and performs the highest standard of Cosmetic Tattoo, complying with industry standard hygiene practices as well as using premium quality products and machinery. 


Laura's understanding of Skin Science and Chemistry as well as her experience in Brow Artistry allows for outstanding results in both colour and shaping that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. 


A fountain of wisdom and experience, Laura educates her clients on how their brows can shape and enhance their features whilst creating the best shape for the individual.

You are guaranteed natural yet defined, low maintenance and personalised brows when you visit the Brow Mumma.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a form of permanent makeup using mineral pigments designed to gently fade over the years, this gives room for changes in fashion or desired looks.

Cosmetic Tattoo procedures are commonly performed with a digital machine & needle cartridges, this method is known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattoo. 

This technique is suitable for all skin types and is the preferred method for eye liner, lip, areola, scalp micro pigmentation & Nano needle feathering or digital machine hairstrokes.

This technique is suitable for all skin types.

Microblade, Microblading or Feathering are terms/techniques that utilise a hand tool method to plant mineral pigments into the upper dermal layers by scratching the blade across the skin.

This hand tool method is not suitable for all skin types and can only be performed on brows.

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation $50

All Tattoo pricing is available via our booking system or upon consultation

Top Eye Liner - 

Full Eye Liner & Lash Line - 

Full Lip Blush- 

Lip Liner - 

Other Artist Colour boost or Correction work  - 

All Cosmetic Tattoo 4- 6 week touch up (our work)  -

All Cosmetic Tattoo after 12 month colour boost  (our work) - 

Microblade /Feathering / Ombre Powder brow -

  full brow design.

Saline Brow Removal - $150 per session

View more tattoo work @laurajayne_cosmetictattoo

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