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- Introductory Offer -

Get 30% Off  RF Skin Tightening 

 V Lift RF

V Lift by Sublime TM 

Treats Jowls / Nasolabial Folds  

Under Eye / Neck / Brow

FDA classed non invasive wrinkle treatment.

Sublime TM combines Infared Light 700-2000 nm

+ Bi Polar Radio Frequency

This unique combined approach- Elos technology provides safe skin tightening with zero down time. 

monthly treatments for up to 5 sessions can provide dramatic skin tightening. 

Limited offer 


Sublative RF

E Two TM Sublative Rejuvenation

uses Fractional RF technology to deliver Bi Polar Radio Frequency energy to the skin, providing consistant dramatic results. 

FDA approved, Safe for all skin types.

This form of fractionated RF is proven to give efficient results for acne scarring and overall smoother skin surface with dramatic improvement in skin discolouration.

Expect Increased levels of beneficial collagen & new healthy cells which continually improves weeks after treatment.

Limited offer $299


Bespoke Signature Facial 1.5hr 

The BESPOKE signature facial treatment Is perfect for first time introduction to our salon culture, for those who want to experience the very best for their skins needs with relaxation elements that you would expect in any Day Spa.
This personalised treatment is never rushed, nor is it ever the same instead it is always focused on delivering BESPOKE results designed just for YOU.
Included is everything in our Traditional facial with the inclusion of any advanced modalities we have on offer tailored specifically to your skins needs.
At a total value exceeding $200 the savings are incredible and the results of these facials are undeniable.

Traditional Deep Cleanse Facial 1hr 10m 

Traditional facial is designed around traditional  Deep Cleanse facial modalities, its also a great first time get to know you & analyse your needs & desired results you expect from our team.
This service includes full skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, facial massage or lymph drainage and mask. We choose either LED Phototherapy or Hydrabrasion. 

PRIN Lymphatic Therapy Facial 1.5hr 

Prins amazing tightening facial mask is designed to detox & rebalance the lymphatic system of the face & neck, after mask is applied, tightening occurs as the mask dries, this superficial pressure allows the lymphatic system to push out toxins & cellular waste so fresh new  blood can rush into your vascular system bringing precious new oxygenated blood.  Depending on your skin tone you may visually see the vascular system respond, this is referred to as the plasmatic effect.
This long awaited treatment protocol is a welcoming addition to our ethos in treating skin, aligning  perfectly with AM.Skin Cosmeceutical philosophy practice of Corneotherapy practice in barrier stability & function using sound ethical scientific studies & botanical actives.
you may expect double cleanse, exfoliation using either or hydrabrasion, any of 3 AM.Skin Papaya enzymatic peels. If required extractions of impurities &  LED phototherapy.
Full massage of face, decolletage, scalp & hands throughout the treatment.

Skin Needling 1hr 

Micro-needling is an advanced method of collagen induction and is perfect for scar revision & fine line wrinkle reduction. 
A in depth consultation is required prior to assess your skins suitability for this modality.
Fine needle groupings of 24+ are used to punch tiny holes using a machine similar to a digital tattoo device to a shallow epidermal depth, these micro holes facilitate immediate wound response & induce fibroblasts to produce collagen to repair. 
Studies say that these micro channels can assist in uptake of certain actives such as Hydrating HA (hylauronic acid),  peptides, brightening actives etc, validity of this is often based on quality of  the overall procedure, correct depth & actives used.
However micro needling is outstanding in softening & breaking up scar tissue & fine lines, encouraging hair growth & stimulating cellular mitosis & regeneration.
* 2570 LED Phototherapy facial is included 

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Full Face 1.25hr 

This advanced treatment is perfect for those that are pigmented, aged , dry, sun damage & acne scarred skins.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) targets melanin, fine capillaries & sebum with laser light energy, this energy causes a burn and your bodies natural wound response is triggered, collagen is sent to repair effected targets deeper into the skins dermal layers, with this wound response can be likened to a "wake up" for the cells & tissues affected by this laser energy, thus bringing oxygenated blood & prompting lymphatic flow to flush waste by products.
You can expect quick fantastic results, clearer looking fresh plump hydrated skin with a decrease in fine capillaries the often is associated with acne scarring. surface Melanin is scattered & can gently be exfoliated away.
best  as a package of 3 in the cooler months of winter, best complimented with post gentle enzyme peeling and healing Red & Green LED facials for amazing results.
~Double Cleanse
~Specific light AHA Peel
~Full Face IPL Light treatment including neck & decolletage.
~Cooling post mask.
~20min LED light program
~Scalp, shoulder & hand massage
*Take home post laser cooling gel & AM.Skin product samples.
*please note this treatment is for those with the correct skin Fitzpatrick & skincare routine.

 Hydration BB Glow Meso Therapy  1.25hr 

If your skin is feeling dry & dehydrated COMBINED MESO Therapy is perfect to address this very issue.
Combining the best of 3 different technologies:
~LED Photo Therapy
Various Micro currents are used to wake up the skins cells and assist in lymphatic drainage then  infuse Hylauronic Acid deeply into the epidermal layers.
NANO Needling is then used to further infuse actives & HA  into the skins cells, Whilst your skin is bathed in LED collagen boosting rays.

Express Facials 

We at Tomica Hair Skin Brow Co practice Conscious Beauty Therapy,  with corneotherapy practice in skin science at our forefront of our values, our aim as skin care specialists is to always protect your skin's barrier function along with relevant client education.
All our express facials are best to be incorporated around our other advanced facials,  our aim is to always educate you on what is best for the skin, this education is a must into understanding how our skin functions alongside skin nutrient education & basic chemistry.
Whilst these facials are budget minded they only provide the basic in what we have on offer without the added pamper aspect of longer facials. 
Your Therapist will guide you in booking all treatments as required these can be tailored specifically for you. 
*Packages are for franchises, your skin is individual to you we will never treat you as a number of sales.

2570 LED Phototherapy Express Facial 45m  

Our 2570 LED Phototherapy Express Facial is beneficial and suitable for everyone, especially those wanting a time-efficient advanced facial treatment with no down time.

Advanced LED Phototherapy is the process whereby light of specific wavelengths, are delivered to the various layers of the skin to stimulate and activate cellular processes.This Express facial service includes skin preparation using our exclusive AM Skin cosmeceutical skin care range:  Milk Cleanser,  Micro facial scrub, Gentle Foaming Cleanser & enzymatic peel with a steam massage as well as a specialised program of LED Phototherapy to address your skin's needs. 

Hydrabrasion Express Facial 45m  

Our Hydrabrasion Express Facial is ideal for those concerned with congestion and wanting a deeper cleanse, with a freshened and hydrated complexion. 

Aqua Renew Hydrabrasion is a triple modality micro-dermabrasion modality, combining Diamond heads, Water & Vacuum to assist in gently but effectively remove dead surface cells whilst the water provides hydration & the vacuum facilitates lymphatic drainage and micro-stimulation within the face. 
Expect the following:
Double cleanse with steam, Hydrabrasion,  application of specific Treatment mask, Hot towels, Tone and moisturise.

Glycolic Peel Express Facial 45m 

Specific AHAs,  Fruit Acids, Salicylic or Modified Jessners across several ranges chosen for their stability & performance. 
Perfect on its own or combined with 2570 LED Phototherapy or as a course of 3,6 or 9 for exceptional results.
Double cleanse, prep, glycolic peel, neutralise, treatment mask application, tone and moisturise with nourishing precious oils.

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