Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo

All cosmetic tattoo is semi permanent techniques used to enhance & perfect your features.

Microblade techniques utilise a hand tool method to plant mineral pigments into the upper dermal layers. This method allows for a soft fade out which is preferable to the block brow look of the past.

Microblade Feather Consultation $0

Tattoo Correction - $250

Other Artist touch up - $250

Microblade 4- 6 week touch up -$80

Microblade Feather brow after 12 month touch up - $200

Microblade /Feather /Powder brow - $400 full brow design.


TIME POOR Fast facials for effective results.

30 Min Vitamin C facial -$30

Glycolic Peels - $45

Express facial - $50                    45mins

Student facial - $75

Sensitive facial - $85                   1.5hrs

Deep cleanse -$85

RF Meso Deep Hydro Infusion -$15


LED Light Photo Therapy is scientifically proven to achieve excellent results for Pigmentation, Anti-ageing, Acne & dryness. Includes RF Meso Glow
Express LED lumi facial - $65     45mins

LED lumi facial- $120                   1.5hrs

LED lumi lift - $150

IPL face rejuvenation - $190

IPL face rejuvenation neck and decollatage -$275

IPL face rejuvenation 1/2 face - $75

Wow brows - henna spa treatment for this
Shape correction micro blade
Colour Correction _Soft ombré techniques with Microblade strokes to correct blue brow
Healed microblade brow
Creating that perfect shape
Ombre brows
healed microblade brows
shape correction microblade
fresh microblade brows
Shape correction microblade
Before and after pictures
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