Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo

All cosmetic tattoo is semi permanent techniques used to enhance & perfect your features.

Microblade techniques utilise a hand tool method to plant mineral pigments into the upper dermal layers. This method allows for a soft fade out which is preferable to the block brow look of the past.

Microblade Feather Consultation $0

Tattoo Correction - $250

Other Artist touch up - $250

Microblade 4- 6 week touch up -$80

Microblade Feather brow after 12 month touch up - $200

Microblade /Feather /Powder brow - $400 full brow design.


TIME POOR Fast facials for effective results.

30 Min Vitamin C facial -$30

Glycolic Peels - $45

Express facial - $50                    45mins

Student facial - $75

Sensitive facial - $85                   1.5hrs

Deep cleanse -$85

RF Meso Deep Hydro Infusion -$15


LED Light Photo Therapy is scientifically proven to achieve excellent results for Pigmentation, Anti-ageing, Acne & dryness. Includes RF Meso Glow
Express LED lumi facial - $65     45mins

LED lumi facial- $120                   1.5hrs

LED lumi lift - $150

IPL face rejuvenation - $190

IPL face rejuvenation neck and decollatage -$275

IPL face rejuvenation 1/2 face - $75